Commercial Moves Without the Stress

Moving a business causes more stress than relocating a home. It takes more than just packing up boxes and driving from point A to point B. A commercial move is a complicated process that involves human resources, equipment, and workflow.

As a business owner, your primary concern when moving is downtime. Even a few days of halting your operations for the move can significantly impact your bottom line. In addition, you may also add stress and exhaustion to your employees by assigning them extra work. Commercial moves are notorious for decreasing productivity. We’re here to change that!

We’re Here to Make Moving Your Business a Breeze

With Park Place Movers, you can relocate your business with little to no downtime at all! Our top-notch team of professionally trained movers will transfer your assets one by one without disturbing your employees. They can continue their duties until it’s time to move everything.

Enjoy a streamlined moving experience and obtain peace of mind knowing that you can resume operations within the shortest time possible.

Our Commercial Moving Services

With decades of moving experience, the Park Place Movers commercial moving team offers you the best services in town! Whether you’re a humble start-up or an established corporation, you can rest easy if you let us handle your move. Our connections, cutting-edge equipment, and refined techniques will ensure that you experience the least amount of downtime possible.

If you want to know more, here’s a brief overview of the services we offer:

  • Office Movers: Relocate workstations, cubicles, copy machines, and important documents with the help of our dedicated team.
  • Corporate Moving Services. Save your entire workforce the stress and hassle of enlisting professional help!
  • Furniture Movers: Our team can safely handle and relocate your furniture and cubicles. We can also help in setting up any layout you want.
  • Electronics: From packing small appliances to heavy lifting bulky machinery, Park Place Movers will execute it with ease.
  • Warehousing: Got extra supplies and equipment? Instead of cluttering your office, you can store them safely in our secured facilities.
  • Retail Moving Services: Protect your merchandise by leaving it in the hands of Park Place Movers. We’ll organize it for you as well!
  • Commercial storage: In addition to safeguarding important documents, we also offer furniture retrieval and photo inventory.

Although there are various excellent companies to choose from, know that Park Place Movers work with your company’s best interests in mind. We operate with the mindset of shortening downtime without compromising the safety of your assets.

If you need a professional moving team that won’t leave you frustrated or mad, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Let’s talk in detail!