“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
― George R.R. Martin

At the corner of 6th Street and Central Way in Kirkland, tucked back in the cheery corner of a strip center, used to be one of my favorite places on earth. Parkplace Books was a quirky, independent bookstore where I spent countless hours of my childhood years poring over books. In the chill of winter, this store was my haven, a warm place to read the latest tales of Nancy Drew or about the adventures of the Boxcar Children. In the summer months, mom would take us to pick out new books, which we would tote down to Marina Park for hours of sun-bathed reading. Eventually, I grew up and moved off to college, but every time I came home I would stop in to browse the rows of crispy, fresh books lining the shelves. You can imagine my disappointment when I came home last Christmas to find that Parkplace had closed. With the locking of its doors, it was as if all the magical moments from my childhood – roaming through Narnia with Prince Caspian and Lucy or being swept away by the romance of Mr. Darcy in my teen years – were locked away too.

This site is now dedicated to Parkplace Books and the great literature it inspired me to read. Parkplace Books instilled in me a love for reading, and now I want to share that passion with others. Here, you can read summaries of my favorite books – from classic children’s books to the latest fiction I’ve discovered, find new bookstores to browse, or even contribute your own commentary or recommendations for great reads.